You are not your body.

You are not who you were before.

You are reborn, and you leave all your grievances, fears and trappings behind.

Step into the Reborn Society, where everything about society is reimagined from the ground up. Embrace the collective, embrace four new genders and embrace a dissolution of the ego.

Reborn is designed and written by Atropos and runs in October 2018, 12-14th, in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is inspired by the Swedish larp Livsgäld, made by Kajsa Seinegård and parts of the Atropos team in 2014.

Larp Basics

Larp Basics

Reborn is a larp about the following:

  • A cult-like commune, living away from mainstream society
  • A society that redefines gender as a radical new system based on four Elements
  • Living life in complete acceptance of this society. Most are born into it, others embrace it in their lifetime.
  • Exploring sexual attraction towards Elemental traits rather than oldworld gender expressions
  • Experiencing a culture of positive reinforcement and the sense of belonging to something greater
  • Calm, soothing and quiet social norms that represses the urge to win, to be loud or to dominate.
  • Polyamory and relationship contracts based on collective dynamics

On a participant level, you can expect:

  • An abstract, artistic scenography
  • Short, concrete characters
  • Interesting relationship dynamics
  • Workshops with a focus on playing gender and redefining your gender
  • In-game food and sleeping. We provide mattresses.
The Story

The Story

Reborn is a larp about living life with different norms and different expectations than the ones we know as participants. It tells the story about an isolated commune of individuals in a close future who have splintered off from society in order to rebuild a new one from the ground up. Through collective action and positive reinforcement everyone is born anew as a better, more caring and more harmonious individual.

In Reborn, you will explore a society where they replace the binary gender norms with a rigid system of four genders, genders that this new society assign you when you are either born – as most are – in the commune, or when you undergo the Rebirth – the process of entering their commune from the outside. The commune itself embraces values like introspection, harmonious atmosphere, acceptance, backing down, good enough and polyamorous love.

The story at the larp is one where an old, infected trauma rises up to the surface and how the commune handles it, works around it and in the end, solves it in a way that allows the continued existence and happiness of the commune members, even at an individual cost for the ones involved.



When: 12-14th of October
Language: English.
Contact email:
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: 3:e Våningen Click here for the venue’s own guide on how to get there. The address is:

Sockerbruket 9

Sleeping:  Participants will sleep in-game from Friday to Sunday.
Food: The commune serves several meals per day, of which one is a hot meal, usually soup. There will also be some light things to eat throughout the day.
Schedule: Workshops will start at 16 on Friday. The larp will start Saturday morning and end on Sunday.



Sign-up is open!
You can reach it here:
Sign-Up Application

We use an application-based sign up where you send in a form, and upon acceptance, you will receive payment instructions. The organizers will strive for a balanced player group in regards to gender identities, nationalities and overall diversity.

Payment: Payment will need to be within 7 days of your acceptance e-mail or your spot will be lost. 
Number of participants: 40
Price range: The standard price will be 100 euro, but there will be cheaper as well as more expensive sponsor tickets offered.

Aesthetics and elements

Aesthetics and elements

The Reborn live in a commune that has adopted a certain style of clothing. The clothes are chosen with two purposes in mind. They are focused on the collective rather than on personal expressions and they are a reminder of the gender/element of the carrier. For us as players they are important to help us get away from the intuitive thoughts of male and female expressions. Just like we in our world associate certain colors and shapes with a certain gender. When choosing your clothes you should think of two things. The silhouette and the color scheme for your characters gender.

You can keep the clothing quite simple and without overthinking or designing something new but you are of course free to explore how this commune has its own fashion to use a word they would not. A couple of garments from a thrift store works well as a minimum but remember that the clothes have a purpose of reprogram how we look at eachother. So try minimizing our worlds binary gender expressions and play around with the Reborn’s way of dividing people in strict boxes instead.

The elemental genders

It is important for us to state a few things so that everyone is aware:

  • Reborn is not a larp about moving away from an old gender norm or changing gender in the fiction. In the fiction, everyone will be playing characters fully accepting of the elemental genders. It is not about transitioning from or dysphoria towards the real world genders in any way.
  • The elemental genders are not tied to your body – not yours as a player, not the character’s. The are assigned depending on the time of day that you were born, and everyone in the commune believes that this dictates how you will behave, feel, what things you will like, who you will be attracted to, etc.

Here is a Pinterest board for inspiration. They are a mix of pieces that work based on colors and cut but follow the descriptions below and you’ll be fine!

AIR uses shades of blue and purple and aims for a slightly strict, flowy expression. A tighter fit from the waist and up while legs are covered in a long skirt, robe or in rare cases very loose trousers that reach all the way down to the feet. The airsouled are intellectuals and poets, soft and thoughtful and are in the middle of the status hierarchy.

WATER uses shades of green and teal and aims for a more cosy flowy expression. Both their upper and lower body are covered in loose hoodies, robes or knitwear. The watersouls are the spiritual leaders, the arbiters of justice and the highest in the inofficial status hierarchy.

FIREuses shades of red and orange and aims for a tight strict look. Tight trousers, a jacket, shirt or sweater works well. The clothes should be practical and not hinder movements and can be seen as the most strict and smart looking styles. The firesouled are passionate and forward, unpredictable, aggressive and dreamy. They are the lowest in the inofficial status hierarchy. They do simple and unwanted tasks.

EARTH uses shades of brown, tan and yellow and aims for a practical look. They use durable materials and a semi tight fit that is comfortable to work in. The earthsouled are practical and reliable, crafty and works with domestic tasks. They are seen as square and rough, strong and unyielding. They are in the middle of the status hierarchy, along with the Airsouled.

Additional information about society and culture will be released later.